Sentry-Q: Quantum-Secure Communication

A Comprehensive Cloud-Based, Quantum-Secure Cybersecurity Solution for High-Speed Data Transmission.

Sentry-Q is an innovative and robust cybersecurity communications platform developed by QeM. It stands as a comprehensive solution ensuring secure, end-to-end communications for diverse data types, including the transmission of high volumes of data at remarkable speeds. QeM has integrated its proprietary quantum random number generator (QRNG2) at the core of Sentry-Q, elevating its capabilities to safeguard information with unparalleled security measures.

This adaptable platform can be deployed either using HSM devices based on the QRNG2 technology or, alternatively, using QeM’s the Entropy as a Service system.

Sentry-Q's architecture comprises three fundamental modules, each enhancing cybersecurity capabilities significantly.

The QRNG2 component harnesses the inherent randomness of quantum mechanics to generate cryptographic keys, thus enabling quantum-safe cryptography with unmatched unpredictability and speed. This quantum-driven system operates at a velocity far surpassing conventional methods, allowing rapid key generation for heightened security.

QeM's QXCP represents an adaptable and expansive cryptographic platform, strategically developed to identify and counter a broad spectrum of potential cyber threats, including sophisticated "man-in-the-middle" attacks. Recently fortified to be quantum-safe, it integrates the most robust encryption systems available, ensuring top-tier protection.

Moreover, the QGPS Push Server Platform stands out by facilitating asynchronous delivery of large messages, exceeding one Gigabyte, as push notifications to clients—even when the client is inactive. Its support for Multi-Part Transmissions ensures swift communication, irrespective of user interface or client operating systems.

Initially operating as a cloud-based solution, Sentry-Q will gradually incorporate hardware-based modules like PCI Express cards, mini-HSM devices, and embedded processors. QeM anticipates that Sentry-Q will establish itself as a significant player in the quantum-safe cybersecurity domain. 

As quantum computing rapidly advances, the imperative to protect sensitive data, secure digital integrity, and fortify cryptocurrency encryption grows. Sentry-Q's launch aptly meets the escalating demand for robust quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions.

August 21, 2023

Quantum eMotion Reaches a Successful Commercialization Milestone with Its Sentry-Q Cybersecurity Platform.

Quantum eMotion Corp. (TSXV: QNC) (OTCQB: QNCCF) ("QeM" or the "Company") a pioneering force in classical and quantum cybersecurity, announces a significant milestone in its journey towards the commercialization of its cloud-based Sentry-Q platform to address the unmet cybersecurity needs of modern telemedicine and digital healthcare.

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