QRNG2: High-Speed
Quantum Entropy

Enhance Cybersecurity with the Fastest Quantum Random Number Generator to date

Our groundbreaking QRNG2 technology leverages the electron tunneling effect as a source of true quantum randomness, setting it apart from classical QRNGs reliant on photons. This innovative approach not only ensures heightened security but also distinguishes itself in terms of speed, cost, and versatility.

Operating at an impressive bandwidth of 1.8 Gbps, QRNG2 boasts the potential for even higher rates, making it a leader in the realm of quantum random number generation.

The electron tunneling effect not only enhances the security of generated random numbers but also contributes to the cost-efficiency of the technology.

This dual advantage positions QRNG2 as a more accessible and affordable solution compared to traditional methods, democratizing quantum-level security for a broader spectrum of applications.

QRNG2's high-speed capabilities serve as a pillar for developing quantum-safe applications, excelling in scenarios requiring rapid scalability and high throughput.

Its applications span across various industries, making it suitable for any web-based platform where data is in transit. This ensures robust security and reliability for critical systems, establishing QRNG2 as a versatile and indispensable tool for enterprises seeking advanced quantum randomness without compromising on speed, cost, or security.

Additionally, an outstanding attribute of QRNG2 is its inherent self-testing capability, ensuring the authenticity of the generated random numbers through comprehensive verification processes.

Fastest source for Quantum Entropy

Technical Specifications

400 MHz


200 MS/s

at 12 bits Sampling Rate

1.8 Gb/s

Effective Entropy Rate (with potential for higher rates)

20 Gb/s

PCIe Version (Capable of reaching up to)

Competitive Advantages


Our QRNG, based on electron quantum tunneling, surpasses photon-based solutions. It performs at incredibly high-speeds & ensures unparalleled quality of random number generation.

high performance

Ultra-compact and energy-efficient, our QRNG achieves speeds (>1 Gb/s) while seamlessly integrating with microelectronics, guaranteeing efficiency and adaptability.

versability of applications

Adaptable and compatible, we can effortlessly integrate into diverse microelectronic setups, expanding possibilities across industries with its high-speed, secure random number generation.

High Scalability

Built for manufacturing robustness, our QRNG operates flawlessly under varied conditions, including temperature fluctuations and interferences, ensuring consistent, dependable performance in any environment.

Strong IP Portfolio

Pioneering with extensive patents worldwide, our QRNG showcases our innovation. Collaborative prototypes underline our expertise, reinforcing our position as leaders in QRNG.

Economic competitive advantage

In addition to its cutting-edge features, our QRNG offers a cost-effective solution. Its low-cost production methods ensure affordability without compromising on its exceptional performance and security standards.


One of the remarkable features of QRNG2 is its ability for self-testing. In order to verify that the random numbers generated are truly random.

March 22, 2022

Quantum eMotion Corp Announces the Availability of Its Portable QRNG2, the Fastest Quantum Entropy Source on the Market Today.

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