QxEaaS: Advanced Entropy as a Service

Optimize Cryptographic Security with Quantum Entropy for Secure Communication

Entropy As a Service

QRNG2 + Quantum-Safe Crypto Library
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Entropy as a Service (EaaS) is an innovative concept where a service provider delivers on-demand entropy through a cloud network. Entropy, which refers to the randomness or uncertainty in a system, is crucial in cryptography for generating cryptographic keys. QeM's random number generator (QRNG2) utilizes quantum electron tunneling to produce truly random and unpredictable numbers.

By integrating QRNG2 into the QxEaaS platform, QeM maximizes the advantages of its entropy technology. This integration ensures that QeM's Sentry-Q cryptography platform receives the highest levels of entropy, enhancing its resistance against sophisticated cyberattacks.

Quantum eMotion's EaaS system offers a range of on-demand entropy and IT security services for authorized devices.

The EaaS system includes safeguards to continuously test the quality and randomness of the generated entropy. Established tests like the NIST Statistical Test Suite, DIEHARD battery of tests, and the TestU01 suite are employed to ensure that the generated entropy meets the desired standards.

QxEAAS system utilizes QeM's cryptography library and enhances the security standards for data communications and authentication. The library incorporates quantum-safe primitives approved by NIST, further solidifying the state-of-the-art security provided by the entropy as a service system and the quantum-safe encryption library.

June 01, 2023

Quantum eMotion Introduces Advanced Entropy as a Service System, Powered by Its High Performance Quantum Random Number Generator.


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