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The Foundation For High-Quality Security and Quantum-Safe Future Communication

QRNGs play a pivotal role in cybersecurity, providing secure communication by using true random numbers as the basis of encryption. Unlike deterministic pseudo-random generators, QRNGs leverage quantum mechanics to generate unpredictable values, essential for creating robust cryptographic algorithms.

With its patented electron based QRNG2 and its advanced crypto-library, Quantum eMotion provides a foundation for high performing and scalable quantum-safe encryption, safeguarding sensitive data from both classical and quantum threats, and fortifying the resilience of cybersecurity in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

1.8 Gb/s

Throughput rate


More effective

20 Gb/s

Potential w/ optimized configurations
Quantum Junction As A Source Of Entropy
Quantum Junction as a source of entropy.

Competitive Advantages


Our QRNG, based on electron quantum tunneling, surpasses photon-based solutions. It performs at incredibly high-speeds & ensures unparalleled quality of random number generation.

high performance

Ultra-compact and energy-efficient, our QRNG achieves speeds (>1 Gb/s) while seamlessly integrating with microelectronics, guaranteeing efficiency and adaptability.

versatility of applications

Adaptable and compatible, we can effortlessly integrates into diverse microelectronic setups, expanding possibilities across industries with its high-speed, secure random number generation.

High Scalability

Built for manufacturing robustness, our QRNG operates flawlessly under varied conditions, including temperature fluctuations and interferences, ensuring consistent, dependable performance in any environment.

Strong IP Portfolio

Pioneering with extensive patents worldwide, our QRNG showcases our innovation. Collaborative prototypes underline our expertise, reinforcing our position as leaders in QRNG.

Economic competitive advantage

In addition to its cutting-edge features, our QRNG offers a cost-effective solution. Its low-cost production methods ensure affordability without compromising on its exceptional performance and security standards.


One of the remarkable features of QRNG2 is its ability for self-testing. In order to verify that the random numbers generated are truly random.

Quantum Threat

The Threat of Quantum Computers

These imminent threats underscore the need for proactive efforts in developing quantum-resistant encryption and cybersecurity strategies to safeguard sensitive information in the face of advancing quantum technologies.

Breaking Current Encryption
Quantum computers have the potential to quickly solve certain mathematical tasks that lie at the core of modern encryption. These include factoring large numbers, which is the basis of RSA, and solving the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem, which is the basis of the widely used ECC method.
Invalidating Message Authentication
Using their ability to invalidate the “one way function” assumptions of classical cryptography, Quantum computers can threaten the basis of message authentication and verification used today leading to data integrity manipulation and identity theft vulnerabilities.
Eroding Trust in Secure Systems
The advent of quantum computing is eroding the trust in the security of existing digital systems. Organizations feel the need to invest in post-quantum cryptography and quantum-resistant technologies to protect sensitive data and maintain cybersecurity in a quantum computing era and do so even before quantum computers have become a practical reality.
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Become Quantum-Safe with QRNG2 and QxEaaS

QRNG2 serves as the fundamental building block for a diverse range of applications, fortifying cybersecurity across all online platforms. Our primary focus lies in facilitating pivotal solutions through QxEaaS—an entropy-as-a-service platform empowering web-based applications to harness quantum randomness for quantum-safe cybersecurity.

Entropy As a Service

QRNG2 + Quantum-Safe Crypto Library
  • Kubernetes
  • Secure Keystore
  • Push Server
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August 21, 2023

Quantum eMotion Reaches a Successful Commercialization Milestone with Its Sentry-Q Cybersecurity Platform.

Quantum eMotion Corp. (TSXV: QNC) (OTCQB: QNCCF) ("QeM" or the "Company") a pioneering force in classical and quantum cybersecurity, announces a significant milestone in its journey towards the commercialization of its cloud-based Sentry-Q platform to address the unmet cybersecurity needs of modern telemedicine and digital healthcare.


Versatile Technology Portfolio


Our foundational Quantum Random Number Generator operates at an impressive speed of 1.8 Gbps, with potential for even higher rates. As a pillar for developing quantum-safe applications, QRNG2 excels in high-speed and high-throughput scenarios, enabling rapid scalability. Its applications span any web-based platforms, where data is in transit, ensuring robust security and reliability for critical systems.


Our revolutionary cryptographic SDK, leverages QRNG2 to generate quantum-safe cryptographic keys. The platform offers building blocks for secure communications. It contains both classical and quantum-safe methods, and is enabled for the transmission of both structured and unstructured data.


Built on a patent-pending hybrid architecture, supporting both ND and HD key generation which is automatically selected by a deep learning system, our Blockchain Wallet uses the QRNG2 for added security, ensuring reliable storage of cryptocurrency private keys.


Our Entropy as a Service (EaaS) system utilizes QRNG2 to provide on-demand entropy through a cloud network. It maximizes the advantages of true quantum randomness for our Sentry-Q cryptography platform, enhancing resistance against sophisticated cyberattacks. Employing NIST-approved quantum-safe primitives, our QxEaaS system reinforces data communication and authentication security.


Our historical achievements and target objectives for the near future
quantum emotion roadmap
*GA - General Availability

The Future Of Cybersecurity.

Quantum eMotion offers a groundbreaking opportunity for investors to be part of the quantum revolution. As the only public company developing Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs), we stand at the forefront of quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions.

The global cybersecurity market Size by 2023.


Increase in Cybersecurity attacks after COVID-19.


Cybersecurity market estimated CAGR,
Source: Statista.

10.4% CAGR

the 2020 global economy cost due to cybercrime
Source: McAfee.

$1 Trillion

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why randomness is important in cybersecurity?

Random numbers serve as the cornerstone of modern encryption and cybersecurity. In an era where critical automotive software is updated remotely and 5G networks are becoming the communication standard, the demand for secure connections is increasingly urgent. An ongoing arms race threatens to render current methods of random number generation vulnerable. The emergence of quantum computing, with its limitless computational power, reveals that existing random number generation methods are essentially based on pseudo-random number generation, which is susceptible to attacks. Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) emerges as the solution, offering an advanced level of cybersecurity in anticipation of the quantum computing era.

What is a QRNG?

A QRNG, or Quantum Random Number Generator, is a device or system that generates random numbers based on the principles of quantum mechanics. Unlike traditional random number generators that rely on algorithms or physical processes that are inherently deterministic, QRNGs exploit the inherent randomness present in quantum phenomena to generate truly random and unpredictable sequences of numbers.

QRNGs typically utilize quantum properties like the uncertainty principle and the randomness of quantum measurement outcomes to create randomness. For example, they might exploit the unpredictable behavior of particles at the quantum level, such as the decay of radioactive atoms or the polarization of photons. In the case of Quantum eMotion, it is a quantum mechanical phenomenon called electron tunnel effect where particles, such as electrons, can pass through energy barriers that classical physics would consider impassable due to wave-like probabilistic behavior.

The use of QRNGs is particularly important in applications that require high levels of randomness and security, such as cryptography, secure communications, and simulations. Since quantum randomness is considered to be fundamentally unpredictable, QRNGs offer a higher level of security than pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs).

What is the market for QRNGs?

Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) have taken on an important new role in the quantum technology business in the past year or so. They have proved to be a key enabling technology for quantum-level security in mobile devices, data centers and medical implants, to name just a few key areas. QRNGs have also provided a welcome improvement for standard RNGs, which have been used for years in scientific research, gaming, etc. Based on a recent research report “Quantum Random Number Generators a Ten year Market Assessment” from IQT, the market will become a $4 Billion Market by 2030.

What is Entropy as a Service (EaaS)

Entropy as a Service is a business method of providing Entropy (or randomness) “on demand”. This is implemented using cloud architectures of varying sophistication and security.

Our Entropy as a Service (EaaS) system is Kubernetes based for scalability, and uses a push architecture enabling novel application models. It also leverages our QRNG2 maximizing the advantages of true quantum randomness for our Sentry-Q cryptography platform, thereby enhancing resistance against sophisticated cyberattacks. Employing NIST-approved primitives our EaaS system reinforces data communication and authentication security.

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