Corporate Profile

About Quantum eMotion

Quantum eMotion is a Montreal-based advanced developer leading the way towards a new generation of quantum-safe encryption for the quantum computing age.

Our breakthrough technology enables us to develop and market secure, future-proof encrypted data and communication solutions. We work with partners to adapt our quantum-safe technology across the financial, military, mobile and internet telecommunication sectors.

Our patented technology is based on years of extensive research by the Physics Department at Sherbrooke University.

Our mission

We aim to create technology that can be used to protect the future of encrypted data and communication by developing a new generation of Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs). Unlike current machine encryption solutions, QRNGs can create truly randomized code that won’t be able to be cracked by quantum computers. Our QRNGs are accessible, affordable and specifically designed to secure everyday communication.

Quantum eMotion allows clients and partners to develop secure quantum-safe encryption that can protect anything from consumer and enterprise devices like mobile phones, computers, Internet of Things (IoT) and networking equipment to demanding cloud-based applications, servers and military devices.